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Community Donations 


Dear Sarah,

Thank you very much for generously donating to Deltassist.  Although at Deltassist Christmas is 365 days a year as we are supporting those who are struggling on a daily basis, Christmas is a time when that struggle is made even harder.  This year has been very difficult for so many people; losing their jobs, single parents trying to find ways to make ends meet, seniors on fixed incomes that are so scared and anxious they cannot go to a grocery store.  Your donation makes it possible to make Christmas a bit brighter so people can have food on their table, so their children can have toys under the tree, and so that seniors do not have to worry about choosing between paying a heat or light bill and buying groceries. 

Deltassist is so very appreciative of donors like yourself that have the caring, compassion and kindness to think about those less fortunate at this time.  Many people think that Christmas is a joyous time, but for those struggling financially, it can be incredibly stressful.  Parents already are trying to make ends meet when one or both of them have lost their jobs or their hours have been severely cut back.  It makes an immense difference to these families to be able to give their child a gift at Christmas.  You are not just giving money, you are giving hope and right now that is in short supply.   Your donation also helps provide food for Christmas dinner, something that many people right now would have no way of providing for their families when money is so tight. 

I want to say thank you from all of us at Deltassist, our staff, volunteers and Board for making your donation and bringing back some joy, dignity and hope this Christmas. 

Julie Chadwick

Executive Director

Deltassist Family and Community Services Society

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