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Thank you Sarah, for your outstanding work in physiotherapy and osteopathy. This is my review for your excellent services.

You’ve solved 3 different problems for me right in your office on a first visit, in the short time I’ve been seeing you. I wasn’t able to get relief or answers in any other place, as the issues seem to have been too subtle to be diagnosed and treated properly. It’s very gratifying to receive your excellent manual therapy skills and to get my problem solved right in your office. Not to mention that you made me feel so comfortable during therapy that I usually fell asleep during treatment.

I’ve rarely used all my physiotherapy benefits until I started seeing you for treatment, as I didn’t find they made dramatic improvement to my situation. But I’ve seen immediate improvements since getting treatments with you, to solve problems and maintain health.

Thank you for your amazing work Sara. I recommend you very highly, you’re the best!

Kind regards,

K.  January 1st, 2023

"I have seen Sarah for many different reasons. I saw her post partum after both my children and she helped me get rid of chronic headaches and strength my pelvic floor.

I also took my first born to her around 2 months old because he kept leaning to the left. Sarah was gentle and wonderful with my baby. She corrected my babies posture and also helped reduce the swelling on a bump on his head. Her touch was so gentle and calm my baby fell asleep.

When I had my second baby he had very bad reflux and nothing seemed to help so I took him to see Sarah and he had tightness in his frame across his stomach and just after about two treatments he didn’t have it again!

Sarah has treated every member of my family with all their various and different issues not just pertaining to physio. I tell everyone I know to come see her. She is a miracle worker."

A  January 14, 2019

"I received treatment from Sarah following a concussion that was sustained from a high impact car accident. I experienced tremendous relief after seeing her. Her training in both Physiotherapy and Osteopathy is a rare commodity and one that allows her to unravel the mechanisms and appropriate treatment plan for any injury or ailment that you may be experiencing. She is gentle, compassionate, empathetic, intelligent and I highly recommend her services."  Kevin Hendry

"Sarah is an extremely knowledgeable and caring therapist who is a pleasure to deal with. I originally saw her to open my Eustachian tubes which were blocked. My ENT specialist wanted to put a wire into my tubes to unblock my ears so I was relieved when Sarah was able to clear my plugged ears without inserting a foreign object into my ears. She also was able to allow my Eustachian tubes to open and close normally on flights allowing me to fly pain free for the first time in my life!  

I now see Sarah whenever I have aches and pains. She is always able to source my pain and ease it. I am grateful to have Sarah and her depth of physiological knowledge and human awareness to help me when I am in physical distress."  Mel Gardner

"Sarah has a very soothing demeanor and helped my son feel at ease during his visits. Her treatments were a huge success in solving his digestive issues. Highly recommended!"  Melanie Tough

"Sarah Stevens is a very knowledgeable and caring therapist. I see her for digestive issues and pain in lower back and shoulder. Her approach is unique and effective. I always leave the office feeling so much better!"  Heike Walker

"Sarah is kind and compassionate when treating her clients. She has a gentle touch when working on patients and spends time with you. She also looks to see where the problem is coming from, not just where the pain is."  Kathy Turner

"Sarah is excellent at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone." 

Pauline Stewart

"I wanted to email you and let you know something that I think may be related to the therapy you have provided me.  

For two years I had an issue with a low white blood cell count.  No matter what natural approach I tried, to rectify this problem, nothing worked.  In April my doctor finally made an appointment for me with a specialist.  I had my specialist appointment this past week, and after two years of a white blood cell count of 1.3 (or slightly less or slightly more), my count is finally 4.4, well within the normal range.  

I was thrilled with the news, but at the same time I wondered what would improve my count from April to now.  The only thing I could think of was my therapy with you, as I started that in May. I am convinced this is what helped me, so thank you."


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