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Sarah has completed post-graduate training in many treatment techniques enabling her to have a variety of approaches with which to assess and treat the body.  Her certifications include completing a 4 year program in physiotherapy (BSc.PT), acupuncture (CAFCI), personal training and adaptive sports (BPHE hons).  She has also completed a seven year program in osteopathy (DOMP) including a two year thesis (see research thesis).

Women's Health
Pregnant mixed race woman meditating on

Sarah Stevens has a special interest in treatment of women during pregnancy.  She uses diagnostic ultrasound in order to assess the pelvic floor muscles after delivery. This tool allows us to properly image the muscles contraction and relaxation.  It will also allow us to find the best cue to properly train these muscles.  

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Our therapist has taken advanced training in osteopathic pediatric techniques and pediatric physiotherapy.  Please see ABOUT for a list of courses in the Resume section.

Rock Balancing

Osteopathy is a form of drugless medicine in which tissues are treated in order to maximize their fucnction.  This is completed with manual therapy techniques.  Assessment is completed in order to find restrictions that could impede blood flow, nerve function, muscle and tendon function and organ function.  The assessment is completed by looking at posture, joint range of motion and hands on techniques to assess tissue mobility and pin point restrictoins.  The findings from this hands-on assessment are used to direct treatment for the most benefit of whole body function and postural alignment.


Treatment techniques used in Sarah's manual osteopathic treatment include: myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, organ and visceral mobilization, muslce energy techniques, lymphatic drainage techniques, strain-counter strain, and functional emergency technique.

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