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Professional Education/Degrees:
1997-2001 Queen’s University: Physical Therapy, BSc. PT
1993-1997 University of Toronto: Physical and Health Education,                                                            B.P.H.E. (honours)
Special Courses: 
2018, April: Pediatric Osteopathy 
2017, March:  Thesis defense: Insomnia: General osteopathic treatment in the reduction of symptoms of primary insomnia in women.
2013: Canadian College of Osteopathy- Fifth year
2010: Lynn Watson Shoulder course – level 2
2008: Canadian College of Osteopathy- Fourth year
2007: Fascia conference- Harvard University, DVD replay
2007: Canadian College of Osteopathy- Third year
2006: Canadian College of Osteopathy- Second year
2005: Canadian College of Osteopathy- First year
2005: Lumbar spine course, Dianne Lee and LJ Lee
2004: Manual Therapy Level 3- Upper quadrant Manual Therapy
2004: Level 3- Lower quadrant Manual Therapy
2004: Level 2- Upper quadrant
2003: Neuro Anatomy Refresher Acupuncture- Part 1 
2003: Level 2A and 3A Non-Organic pain patient management
2003: Lynn Watson- Shoulder Course
2003: Level 2- Lower quadrant Manual Therapy
2003: Level 1 Manual Therapy
2001: Mulligan- Upper Extremity
2000: Acupuncture- Part 1
2000: Level 1 Robin McKenzie Institute- Part A
1999: Shirley Sahrmann-Level 1 Professional
R. Tait McKenzie Society, University of Toronto (honours BPHE)
Canadian Physiotherapy Association
Society for the promotion of manual practice Osteopathy
Acupuncture foundation of Canada Institute