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Special Courses                                                                                                                     

Perspectives in obstrectics: the osteopathic treatment on a

pregnant woman in the seated position                                                            June 2019

The normalization of the dynamics of the encephalon and the

Rx of the sequelae of concussions, stage 1                                                       June 2019

Rule of the artery course with Brad McCutcheon                                               May 2019

Pediatric course with Alain Bouchard                                                                 April 2018

Thesis Defense Canadian College of Osteopathy                                       March 29, 2017

Fifth year Canadian College of Osteopathy                                               September 2012

Fourth year Canadian College of Osteopathy                                            September 2010

Pediatrics course- osteopathy                                                                        February 2008

Third year Canadian College of Osteopathy                                               September 2007

Second year Canadian College of Osteopathy                                           September 2006

Certificate of intermediate manual and manipulative physiotherapy            July      2006

First year studies at the Canadian College of Osteopathy                        September 2005

Lumbar spine, pelvis and hip with Diane Lee and LJ Lee, Seattle                January 2005

Manual Therapy Level 3- Upper Quadrant                                                  September 2004

Manual Therapy Level 3- Lower quadrant                                                              July 2004

Manual Therapy Level 2- Upper quadrant                                                           March 2004

Neuro Anatomy Refresher                                                                             November 2003

Acupuncture- Part 1, Level 2A and 3A                                                              October 2003

Non-Organic pain patient management                                                           October 2003

Lynn Watson- Shoulder Course level 1                                                               March 2003

Manual Therapy Level 2- Lower quadrant                                                     February 2003

Mulligan- Upper Extremity                                                                             November 2001

Acupuncture- Part 1, Level 1                                                                         December 2000

Robin McKenzie Institute- Part A                                                                  November 2000

Shirley Sahrmann-Level 1                                                                                      April 1999